General Cleaning

Our General Cleaning program always starts with the ceiling. This area is often overlooked for cobwebs that start on the vents and corners. We clean down the walls to the floor, which includes any pictures, A/C controls etc. All paper stock will be kept full and supplied if necessary. 

Cleaning System
We have a regular cleaning system that starts in the same area each night and uses the same pattern. All surfaces will be cleaned as needed. Sinks will be cleaned using appropriate cleaner. Telephones will be cleaned and disinfected. Restroom walls are cleaned as needed; toilets are cleaned using appropriate bowl cleaner leaving a fresh scent. Offices will be vacuumed and desk surfaces cleaned when papers are cleared. Office furniture will be dusted as needed and all trash will be removed from the facility and deposited in the waste station. All fabric will be wiped using fabric cleaner to remove dust and minor stains.