VCT and Rolled Linoleum Floor Service

During a floor service most of the floor is cleared of furniture. A fine sweep corner to corner is given. A neutral cleaner is applied heavy to the floor. This will help soften and loosen embedded dirt. After a short dwell time we will scrub the floor surface with an auto scrubber using a general scrub pad. A squeegee is used to pull all the dirty solution to the center of the floor where an extractor is used to extract the dirty solution. This process will get the floor surface as clean as possible prior to applying more floor finish. We will apply two to three coats of fresh floor finish.


Mark ~ Sunday October 14, 2012- 5:28 pm EDT
Where can I buy the neutral cleaner?
SCC Inc. ~ Sunday December 2, 2012- 2:45 am EST
This product can be purchased through our office. Please call Corie our Office Manager to set up delivery.

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