Having a clean office is important to everyone in the building including your employees and customers. A clean office building results in a more productive and safe work environment and helps to minimize employee sick days. Space Coast Cleaning Inc. provides specialty Commercial Cleaning Services ranging from routine office cleaning to post-construction clean-up. We can clean your building from the inside. What ever your commercial cleaning needs are, Space Coast Cleaning Inc. will tailor a plan to meet your needs. Call us today for a free estimate!

    • General Cleaning

    Commercial Cleaning Services Melbourne

    Our General Cleaning program always starts with the ceiling. This area is often overlooked for cobwebs that start on the vents and corners. We clean down the walls to the floor, which includes any pictures, A/C controls etc. All paper stock will be kept full and supplied if necessary. 

    Cleaning System

    We have a regular cleaning system that starts in the same area each night and uses the same pattern. All surfaces will be cleaned as needed. Sinks will be cleaned using appropriate cleaner. Telephones will be cleaned and disinfected. Restroom walls are cleaned as needed; toilets are cleaned using appropriate bowl cleaner leaving a fresh scent. Offices will be vacuumed and desk surfaces cleaned when papers are cleared. Office furniture will be dusted as needed and all trash will be removed from the facility and deposited in the waste station. All fabric will be wiped using fabric cleaner to remove dust and minor stains.

    • Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

    Office Cleaning Services Melbourne

    Space Coast Cleaning Inc. uses the steam cleaning process for our carpet cleaning.  Steam Cleaning is our preferred method. This is a powerful machine that is mounted in the truck, so only the hoses enter the facility or home. This method provides the most thorough cleaning as it uses steam with extraction to remove the soil from the carpet. Drying time does take longer but well worth the wait!

    Please view our video gallery to see this process in action.

    *Note: Space Coast Cleaning Inc. only uses approved CRI Seal of Approval carpet cleaning chemicals.

    • Tile and Grout Cleaning and Sealing

    General Cleaning Melbourne FL

    Our Tile & Grout Cleaning & Sealing process involves applying a degreaser, scrubbing, pressure steam cleaning, followed by extraction using truck mount equipment. An acid wash is applied, scrubbed, and pressure steam cleaned to break up and remove dirt and hard particles that have penetrated into the grout. 


    After properly cleaning the tile, a grout sealer is applied to protect the grout.

    • Floor Stripping and Refinishing

    General Cleaning Melbourne FL

    During the Floor Stripping & Refinishing  process the floor is scraped to remove any gum, stickers, etc. The floor is then given a fine sweep. A heavy-duty stripper solution is applied and scrubbed to remove dirt and old floor finish. A floor machine is used to extract the dirt solution off the floor surface, followed by a clean mopping. We will apply two coats of sealer and five coats of floor finish. The entire floor surface is then burnished with a high-speed buffer to obtain a maximum gloss.

    • Building Pressure Cleaning and Spider Web Removal

    Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne

    Space Coast Cleaning Inc. offers the Building Pressure Cleaning & Spider Web Removal service to maintain the outside of your building.  During this service, we remove all the spider webs and mud dauber nests from the face plate on the building down to the ground including windows, screens and porches. This service includes cleaning the soffit making them bright and clean again.

    Note: We recommend spraying for spiders the day before cleaning to prevent the return of spiders and bugs.

    • Emergency Water Extraction and Dry-out

    Carpet Cleaning Melbourne FL

    ‚ÄčIf you have a flood in your building don't worry, we provide Emergency Water Extraction and Dry-out services.  Our specialized equipment including dehumidifiers and fans will dry out your facility.

    • Cement and Paver Cleaning and Sealing

    Floor Stripping And Refinishing Melbourne

    Space Coast Cleaning Inc. provides Cement and Paver Cleaning and Sealing.  Paver Efflorescence Treatment & Sealing. Space Coast Cleaning Inc. only uses Techni-Seal products recognized by major paver manufacturers. Techni-Seal offers natural or wet look stone sealant