Space Coast has handled the cleaning of our childcare centers in the Jacksonville & Orlando area for many years! If you can only imagine what floors look like after hundreds of children play all day coming in & outside with sand along with their parents dropping and picking up each day-very dull! But after Space Coast does their cleaning the floors are back to new looking with a shine greeting all our parents with their children! In my 28 yrs working in the childcare business I have never had a company who does a better job than Space Coast. The team always goes beyond their normal job if needed to make sure they are providing the highest level of service. I highly recommend Space Coast for any job big or small but only if you want the very best! Thank you Space Coast for keeping our school floors clean & shiny!
 ~ Katrina Fullenkamp
    District Manager 8504
   Learning Care Group


Space Coast Cleaning Inc. has done a wonderful job deep cleaning our 6,400 square foot club house. Dean and Corie are excellent, reliable individuals to work with. Space Coast Cleaning has been very accommodating to our busy schedule of events and they stand behind their work all the way.

   ~ Darcie Laird, LCAM
     Resident Services Manager
     Club Grand Isle


Dear Space Coast Cleaning,   

I wanted you to know how happy we were with the service you provided. First you did a great job getting the carpets to look good again and now what an awesome job you did sealing the pavers on our driveway and porch. The paver sealant really brought out the color and made it look so much richer, I'm just so caught up in how good it looks, it's amazing! We went from dried up faded looking pavers in need of cleaning and more sand and you turned it into an elegant presentation. And it goes beyond just looking great, most importantly the pavers are protected and sealed. We are just very impressed, the pavers look great, the price was fair, the staff is kind, hardworking and professional on every level. We are sending you a big Thank you for a job well done. You have a customer for life.
   Michele Lynn


Space Coast Cleaning has handled our cleaning since March 2007. We have been very satisfied with the level of service, flexibility in working with our schedule and most importantly with the responsiveness and commitment to quality. Of the various cleaning companies I have had experience with; I have never had one that does periodic spot inspections after the cleaning crew has already finished their work. This is the one additional service that sets them apart from the others.  I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a solid cleaning solution.

    ~ Dave Tomczak
     General Manager
     Duran Golf Club


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